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. >> they are focusing, however, on that crash on automation as a possible cause. >> thank you, steve. >>> if you have a tip for steven stock or anyone in our investigative unit, we urge you to give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit@nbcbayarea.com. >>> there's been an arrest in an animal cruelty case. a man threw a little dog into oncoming traffic. he's jailed after investigators tracked him to a vallejo apartment and booked him on animal cruelty and robbery charges. police say just after christmas last year, he killed a 12-year-old pekinese right in front of the owner when he demanded money from her. the owner only had $5 which angered barrett. barrett yanked the dog from the car and through roxie on to leavenworth in front of traffic. roxie did have to be euthanized. police identified the suspect at barrett but say he eluded them until just this week. >>> the next pixar movie is being postponed causing some jobs to be lost. the studio owned by disney says it will delay the release of "the good dinosaur." that's their next movie because of the delay they'll lay off about 60 people, which is
against the lakers. doctors say surgery is unlikely. steve curry battled concussion like symptoms and he hasn't played since monday when utah jazz forward marvin williams accidentally fell on curry's head. the point guard was seen holding his head at the end of the warriors/lakers game yesterday. he will be a game time decision. over to football. raiders sophomore wide receiver's season is over. he got hurt in camp but returned in week nine only to get hurt in the eagles game. he moves to the i.r. with a shoulder injury. to the nfl and it's a big sunday night football game this sunday on nbc bay area. tom brady and the patriots take on peyton manning and the broncos sunday night football analysts chris tells us who he would pick between the two quarterbacks or did he. >> every broadcaster in the nfl has tried to say, all right, you got to pick one who do you take? which day is it? which team are they playing? which quarterback has the ability to lead their team to significant wins? certainly tom braid joy with thinks three super bowl rings has been fantastic. and has had a great string o
is the brain child of the late steve jobs. and after tonight's approval, apple will begin work tomorrow morning, but this time instead of a product launch, the company is focused on a project launch. one of the first changes that you'll notice is that you'll see the closure of a section of prune ridge avenue. that's because apple purchased that for $20 million from the city, and that part of the road is going to become part of the campus, reporting live in cupertino, marianne favro. >>> new details in the case of tesla car fires. the public response from the ceo along with a formal investigation into the car fires. our business and tech reporter scott budman is live outside tesla showroom with the latest for us. >> reporter: a federal agency says today it will look into what is causes the tesla fires. meanwhile, tesla went online today to say it is working on a way to fix the problem with a little help from streaming technology. with the national highway traffic safety administration opening an investigation into three recent tesla model "s" fires, tesla's ceo elon musk took to twitter complain
appearance from the widow of steve jobs. the cause that has loreen jobs stepping into the spotlight. >>> good evening. i'm chief meorologist jeff ranieri. we have the rafall oh so close tohe bay area. we'll get u know when the chances ofetting of this is tonight and the big cool down coming in thforecast, in just a few minutes. > tonight, two tesla workers rema in the hospital after an instrial accident at the company's factory in fremont. a total of three workers were burned by hot metal yesterday. last nit,eehere, e lon musk, tesla's high profile ceo visited the injured emploes at valley medical hospital. cal osha launched its own investigation and cal osha fined tesla $2, 700 last year for what theycall, ote, a serious violatn and tesla was fined for an accidt at a different facility two years ago in which a workerost a fingertip. tesl stock dipped slightly education headlines, the check is in the mail. this week, school districts all over the bay area are receiving millionsf dollars to implement new academicstandards. the state department of education isssuing the second of two bul paymen
to speaking directly with steve ross, tom gar finkle andhe dolphins organization at the appropriate ti. this is the right way to handle the matter. beyond that i look forward to working through the process a resumingy career in the tional football leag. thank you. >>> let's get boxing in he. oakland's andre ward retained his wba surmiddleweight title and hasn'tought yet. his opponent, win rodriguez missed weight by two pounds. the two will still fight, but the title will not be on the line. rodriguez docked 20% of his >>> sacramento kin 90 miles from here attempting to break a guinness book of world records record tonht. loudest arena noise. to try to break that recd gng tonight. as they take on the detroi pistons. to help the effort, kings are opening up standing ro ining ro tickets sellout crow. could beoud out there. that'soing to do it from the xfinity sports desk. sharks highlights at :00. sharks go for their third straight wintonight. at will do it. >> two pounds overweht? >> who? >> jim kimo. >> i'm two pounds overweight >> for a full lf hour or local sports coverage, watch spo
of 1990. steve was found stabbed to death. now more than 20 years later alameda sheriff deputies arrested two people accused of killing him. chery cheryl. she was just 21 when her dad was murdered. >> finally we have arrived and this journey has begun for my dad. we can finally, finally, we can just begin to close this chapter hopefully. >> the alameda sheriff department took over the investigation in 2010. detectives say improved technology helped them crack the case. >> some items that were previously sent were reevaluated based on modern technology. other items that had not been sent in the past were sent to be analyzed. >> reporter: detectives say the motive was likely money. >> by all accounts the relationship between the two was very tumultuous. >> reporter: today they say he never missed a day of work. they embraced having answers for the first time in more than two decades but also know the answers won't bring their dad back to meet his eight grandchildren. detectives say that the two suspects married each other one day after rudiger's body was found here in castro valley. mariann
. and nobody protect them. >> reporter: arinda city councilman and assembly county steve glazer collected 20,000 signatures calling for a ban on transit strikes. >> we certainly would like the unions and management to work it out around the bargaining table. if they fail to do that, the riders, commuters of the bay area should not be held responsible for that failure. >> reporter: political leaders like california lieutenant governor, former san francisco mayor gavin newsom aren't shoe banning transit strikes are the answer. >> when i was mayor, we had some contentious issues with our muni workers, but that didn't stop them, even though they can't legally strike, from cases all being miraculously sick. >> you're going to get a point where you'll get an oppressive employer. you start getting unhappy workers. and safety starts going down. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. workers plan to release the results of today's vote at 11:00 p.m. tonight, with hopes the contentious b.a.r.t. battle will be a distant memory, at least for the next four years. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >>> ahead at 6:00, it lo
was throw out of candlestick for wearing his angels gear. civil rights lawsuit for 56-year-old steve gato claims he was told to ditch his denim motorcycle club jacket or leave during a 49ers game in november 2011. he left but later returned in a t-shirt that also had the insignia on it and police told him to leave. the suit seeks an injunction for kicking out hels angels members for wearing their colors and seeks $100,000 in damages. >>> opponents of a state law protecting transgendered students are racing against the clock tonight. they want to reverse a new law allowing transgendered high school students to use the facilities for the sex they identify with rather than they biological sex. the conservative group sponsoring the movement is called privacy for all students. leaders say they have a half a million signatures they need to qualify their issue for the state ballot. however, they want thousands more signatures just in case some of them aren't valid. the deadline is this sunday. >>> still ahead here at 6:00, change is coming to the san francisco hospital where a patient this appea
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